Inviting a Service Provider Consultant via Unique Referral URL

Inviting an Advisor to your Team

As a Team Administrator, Login to the 6clicks web application

Select Administration then select Users from the left navigation panel

Below the Users section of the screen, you can access the Advisors section, where you can manage Advisor access.

Click Invite Advisor at the top right of the Advisors section 

Enter the email address of the Advisor and select Invite. 

Accepting an Invitation as an Advisor from a Client Team

As an Advisor, you will receive an email invitation with a link and instructions.

Once you select the Accept Invitation button you will be taken to the sign-in page with your Team name auto-populated to ensure correct login

The Clients screen will list the Company Name and under the column of Client Access, the text link Accept Invitation will appear. Click on the link to accept the invitation.

The button will be updated and you can now access the Client Team from your Client List.

To Access their team, simply click on the Go to Client button and you will be logged into their team as an Advisor. To navigate back to your Service Provider team click the User dropdown and select Back to my team.

Removing an Advisor from your Team

You can also revoke an invitation of an Advisor at any time if required, simply select the Advisor that needs to be revoked and select Revoke Invitation

A confirmation pop up in the bottom left of the screen will be displayed to confirm.

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