Control Responsibilities


Control Responsibilities are actionable items linked to Control Sets.

Responsibilities are created in the Control Set Builder and managed via the Tasks function (Clipboard Icon top right). Responsibilities are linked to Controls in a Control Set

Learn more about Tasks and Task Management here

Create a Control Responsibility

To access Control Sets select Internal Controls from the left navigation panel

Select a Control Set by clicking the Name

Click the Control to open the Control side panel

Select the Responsibilities tab at the top of the panel

Here you can view all Responsibilities, create new Responsibilities and link Responsibilities to Controls

Select the + button to open Create Responsibility modal

Enter Name and Description then click the Create Responsibility button

The Control Responsibility details will populate in the Provisions panel where further details can be added

Click the ADD button at the top right of the panel to Link the Provision to the Control 

The ADD button updates to a green tick to confirm and the Linked Control field shows the corresponding Control Id and Control Name. The Linked Data field in the Control has also updated to show that the Responsibility has been linked

You can update the description of the Responsibility by clicking on the text icon at the bottom of the description box

You can also update the workflow Status directly from the Side Panel 

Assign a Responsibility Owner to an individual User or Group - they will receive an email notifying them that they have been assigned a Responsibility and when the Responsibility is due

Enter Due Date. Responsibility Owners and Members will be sent a reminder email on the Due Date

You can set the Responsibility as a Recurring item and assign a Time Period

Assign Responsibility Members, which are individuals or groups who are required to action the Responsibility. They will receive an email when they are assigned the Responsibility and when the Responsibility is due

Edit the title or delete as required 

Click on the Comments tab at the top of the panel to access

Add Comments and assign Risk Level to ensure all communications are logged for auditing purposes

You can link multiple Responsibilities to a Control

Control Responsibilities can be accessed directly via the Internal Controls screen, click Responsibilities at the top right of the screen

Displayed is a pre-filtered view of the Tasks list to view only Control Responsibilities, You can filter and search for Control Responsibilities using the Filter and Search functionality. You can also view them in your Calendar

Click on Control Responsibility Name to open a Responsibility. This screen is where the Responsibility Owners and Members are navigated to when the Responsibility is due and they are sent an email reminder with a link to access the Responsibility

Responsibility Owners and Members can leave Feedback when the Responsibility is due, which is recorded in the Activity section

To view more on managing Control Responsibilities see Tasks module and more on Control Sets are found here

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