Adding a Control Set to the Marketplace

As a Service Provider you can add your Control Sets to your Marketplace for your clients to download and use. To learn about Control Sets and how to create them, click here.

To upload your control set to the Marketplace, in the Control Set Builder of the Control Set you want to add to the Marketplace, click the Save As button.

The Control Set modal will appear. Enter in the name of the Control Set, which will be displayed in the Marketplace. Toggle Allow control set to be sold in marketplace to ON. Click Save As.

This will create a new version of the Control Set which can be Published directly to the Marketplace. If you go to the Control Set table you can see that a new version of the Control Set has been created with Type Marketplace.

To upload the Control Set to the Marketplace, in the Control Set Builder, change the Status of the Control Set from Edit to Published using the Status dropdown.

Changing the Status will display the Publish Policy Template modal where you will need to input the Marketplace details of the Control Set which will be displayed in the Marketplace.

  1. Headline
  2. Marketplace Category
  3. Price (set to 0 if you want to provide for free)
  4. Add tags (we recommend tagging a Control Set with Control set)
  5. Add an image to be displayed in the Marketplace
  6. Add a short description
  7. Add a longer description

See images below as to how the details are displayed in the Marketplace.


Marketplace Item Details Page

Once you have added the details of your Control Set and clicked Publish, the 6clicks Support Team will be notified and your Marketplace Item will be added to your Marketplace.

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