Mapping an Authority to an Assessment

Note that you can only map a single Authority to an Assessment.

You will first need to add Authorities from the Marketplace to your Team before you can use them. To learn how to do this, head here.

To map an Authority to an Assessment, you first need to import the Authority. To do this, select Import.

Then from the Authority dropdown, select an Authority and click Add.

The Authority will be added and the list of Provisions will be displayed in the right-hand column of the Assessment Builder. 

To map a Provision to a Question, simply select the Provision.

Then select the Assessment Question. A mapping will be created between the Provision and the Question, which is depicted by the Linked to 1 Question count (1), the Authority name being added to the Question as a badge (2), and the Linked to 1 Provision count (3)

You can map multiple Provisions to a single Question.

You can also map a Provision to multiple Questions.

To remove a mapping, hover your mouse over the Badge on the Question and click the Remove button.

The Question References modal will appear and you can remove individual Provisions using the Trash Can button.

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