The Service Provider Dashboard displays a table view of your Client list, highlighting key 6clicks User criteria plus links to Client Management and Client Access

Your OneClick Connector is displayed above your Client table which can be shared with Clients, with just one click you can provide links and instructions on how to sign up with ease.

Learn how to invite a Service Provider Consultant via your Unique Referral URL here

The top panel also provides the Client search bar and ability to filter by Tags that are assigned to Clients

The option to filter with My Clients, to view Client records created by the logged-in User only

And filter by All Clients to view and access all Client records within your Team

Select Client/s by ticking the checkbox on the left of each row to populate the Action dropdown list where you can remove Clients

You can also bulk send assessments to Clients as well as bulk import Client lists. For information on these actions click here for Risk Reviews and here for Assessments

Activate a Client or create an Excel Export from the top left of the Client Table

The Client Table view displays key criteria as follows

Checkbox - Select or deselect Clients 

Name - Client Name provides a link to the Client Details screen - learn more here

Active - status of Yes or No 

Tags - any Tags that have been assigned to each Client contact within the Client Details screen

Number of Users - total current number of users per Client

Free Users - total current number of Users that are free/still available

Just Risk Licenses - number of Just Risk Licenses assigned to Users / total of all Just Risk Licenses per Client 

Risk & Compliance Licenses - number of Risk & Compliance Licenses assigned to Users / total of all Risk & Compliance Licenses per Client

Client Access - access Client teams accounts you have been invited to as an advisor - learn more here

Learn more about the Client Management Dashboard and Tasks View here 

Now you are familiar with your Dashboard you can learn how to create and manage Assessments and Risk Reviews by clicking these links.

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