Import Issues and Issue Actions

Select Issues from the left navigation panel.

Select Import from the top right of the Issues screen, then select Issues.

Select Download template.

Excel template of Issue fields will download, save the file and enter data as per column headings.

Once data entry is complete, save the Excel file.

Select Browse, or drag and drop the saved file into the Import Data modal.

Once the file is ready to upload, select the Upload button.

A confirmation pop up will appear once records have successfully been imported.

Refresh the page to display imported records.

Select an Issue to view Issue Details.

Importing Actions

Follow the same steps to import Actions.

The only additional step is that Actions MUST BE linked to a corresponding Issue that has been uploaded/added to 6clicks. This is done by entering the Issue name in the Linked Issue column (A) of the Import Actions template. If the Issue does not exist in the system, the Action will not be added.

Learn more about Issues and Issue Actions here

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