Assessment Reopening

You can reopen Assessments and update responses. Responses are versioned so you won't lose any historical data.

From the Assessments screen, select Results to the right of the relevant Assessment.

Select Reopen at the top right of the Assessment Results screen.

A confirmation pop-up will appear to ensure you wish to proceed, select Yes.

This will take you to the Assessment Details screen, the Assessment status will show as Published with the latest version number and current status below.

The Assessment is now available for you to update the responses and will be displayed on the Assessments screen with a status of To-Be Completed. 

Select the Assessment Name to open.

The Assessment responses will be populated as per what was previously submitted and can be updated as required.

When an Assessment is reopened it creates a new version of responses, which can be accessed via the Version dropdown. This dropdown displays a list of the response versions, the status of version, and the associated status date. You can select a previous version to view the respective results.

Once you've completed updating the results select the Submit button on the last page of the Assessment. 

Once the Assessment has been resubmitted the Results button will appear again. Click Results to view the responses.

The Results page will show the most recent responses.

Previous response versions can be viewed via the Version tab. Select View to see a previous version of results. 

Select Analytics from the top right of the Assessment Results screen.

This will pre-populate with the Assessments Results report and your Assessment selected, with the option to choose which version of results to report on.

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