Sending an Assessment to a Vendor/Third-Party that does not yet exist in 6clicks

Step 1 – Create Assessment

  1. Click New Assessment button
  2. Select a Template or Create New Assessment from Scratch
  3. Type the name of the Assessee (vendor/third-party to be assessed). In this article, we are creating a vendor/third-party that does not yet exist in 6clicks.
  4. Type the name a new Product if required
  5. Select the type of assessment (if creating a new assessment)
  6. Click Create

Step 2 – Publish Assessment and send Web Link

Change the status of the assessment to from Draft to Approved to Published to generate the Web Link.

Watch this video on YouTube

Once the web link has been generated, send it to the primary point of contact of the third-party/vendor that is to be assessed. When they click on the link, they will then be required to sign-up. The first user to sign up the third-party/vendor team will be the admin of the team. Once they sign up they will be redirected to the assessment.

Watch this video on YouTube

Once the Team has an admin, any other user that sign up to the team in order to respond to the assessment will have to be accepted by the team admin.

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