Creating and sending a self-assessment

Creating a self-assessment

1. Select the new assessment button in the top right of the main navigation.
2. Select your desired assessment template from existing assessment templates saved in your team. Your new assessment will be created based on this template.

In this example, we will be using the ASD Essential Eight Maturity Model Assessment.

3. Edit the assessment details (Name, Assessee and Engagement) as follows:

NAME (optional) – Adding ‘internal assessment’ to the assessment name helps for future reference.

ASSESEE – Select Internal Assessment

ENGAGEMENT (optional) – Create or select which of your products this assessment relates to. This field may be left blank.

4. Click Create Assessment to finalise the assessment setup process. You now have an assessment ready to be sent internally!

Sending a self-assessment

1. After creating the assessment, you are taken to the Send Assessment tab. Use the assessment overview on the right-hand side to check the details of this assessment.

2. To see the questions within the assessment, navigate to the Design Assessment tab. Use the Domain dropdown on the right to navigate between question categories.
3. To see the details for each question, select the popup icon on the card of the respective question.
4. You can also use this view to edit the question title, description, type, question domain, tags, response options and logic, as needed. Click Edit to make any changes to questions.

5. You can add a unique Introduction or End Page under the Customise Assessment tab.

6. Once you are satisfied with the content and design of the assessment, navigate back to the Send Assessment tab and click the Approve button. The status of the assessment changes from Draft to Approved (please refer to pictures in step 8).
7. Then select the Publish button. The status of the assessment changes from Approved to Published (please refer to pictures in step 8).
8. Once the assessment has been Published a unique URL is created. You can share this URL with team members to access the assessment.

See the corresponding assessment status’ below:

Status: Draft

Status: Approved

Status: Published

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