Parent & Child Questions

A Parent/Child Question Type allows you to logically group questions. This question type is available for Risk, Preferred and Weighted Global Question types. It consists of an overarching parent question/statement, and then a series of sub-questions.

Creating a Parent/Child Question

To create a Parent/Child Question, select the drop-down section the Add Question button and select Parent / Child.

Adding a new parent/child question type

The user is first required to add the parent question/statement

Parent question statement

 To add Child Questions, click ‘Add sub-question’. You can add child questions as required. You can also add as many response options as required to child questions.

Adding child questions

To create the question, click ‘Create Question’.

Parent & Child Question – Response View

Parent/Child Questions are displayed in the response view as per below. The parent question/statement acts as the container, which holds the multiple children questions.

Respondents view – Parent/Child Question

Parent & Child Question – Viewing Results

Parent/Child Questions are displayed on the view results screen as per below. Each child question is its own card.

Results of Parent/Child Questions
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