Create a Control Set

Create a Control Set

Select Internal Controls from the left navigation panel to navigate to the Internal Controls screen

All Internal Controls are displayed here within the table with key criteria visible to provide the ability to Sort, also offering a dedicated Internal Controls Search bar

Click Create Control Set at the top right of the Internal Controls screen

Enter Name (required) of Control Set

Enter Description (optional) of Control Set

Select Create Control Set button

Your Control Set has now been created with details displayed in the Control Set Builder screen

The top panel organises all of the features that will assist in building your Control Set, with three process tabs on the left of the panel and on the right, all of the action and administration functions

Click on Settings at the top right to open the Control Set Settings side panel

Here you can edit the Name and Description 

Add Last Review Date and Next Review Date

You can also upload an image that will be displayed if you add this Control Set to your Trust Portal 

Click the Save button at the bottom of the Control Set Settings side panel to save the changes and close

The Builder tab accommodates the Overview panel where you can assign Stakeholders and view Review Dates as required

You can create Control Set Domains - groups of Controls, using the Domain dropdown.

The Preview tab allows you to preview the tab in view-only mode. You can also change the Status of the Control Set from Edit to Published once you've added your Controls

Select Save As to make a duplicate of the Control Set at any time to use as a future template

 Now a Control Set has been created you can add the relevant Authorities from the Content Marketplace, learn how to Add Authorities and Controls to Control Sets


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