Multi-Select Questions

The Setup

Multi-Select Questions allow respondents to select more than one response to a question. To create a Multi-Select Question, in the Assessment Builder, click on the New Assessment button.

In the New Question modal, select the Multi-Select option under in the Type field

Complete the rest of the required fields to create the question, including:

  • Question title
  • Question description
  • Tags
  • Document upload settings
  • Response options

Note that a Multi-Select Question can be created for both a Risk And Weighted question types.

And that's it for setting up the question. 


When responding to a Multi-Select Question the user can easily select one or more options by clicking on each of the answer options.

Viewing Results

When viewing the results of a Multi-Select Question the selected responses and their corresponding risk rating or weighting is displayed in the Answer and Response Risk Rating fields respectively.

Note: If it is a weighted assessment, the respective response weightings for each selected-response will either be added together or averaged depending on what you selected when setting up the assessment.

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