Reviewed and Closed status updates of an Assessment

Once you have reviewed the results of the assessment, you can update the status of the assessment to:

  1. Reviewed - mark and track the assessments you have reviewed the responses for.
  2. Closed - mark and track the assessments that you have completed the full assessment lifecycle for. When the Close an assessment, you can also leave a reason, which anyone can quickly read to understand why the assessment has been closed.

You can update the status of an assessment from the Assessment table or from the Assessment Builder.

Firs head to the Assessment Module by clicking on Assessment.

To change the status of an assessment to Reviewed or Closed from the Assessment table, select one or more Outbound Assessments and then hit the Actions dropdown.

Once you select the new status, the Status of the assessment will be updated in the Status column. You can see below that the status of both selected assessments has been updated to Reviewed.

When updating the assessment(s) to Closed, you will be required to leave an explanation.

Once the assessment(s) have been updated to closed, the Status column will be updated to reflect this.

To view the comments set when updating the assessment, click on the Closed Status of the assessment in the Status column.
Updating the assessment status to Closed will remove the Inbound Assessment from the table and will no longer be visible to the respondent

Lastly, you can also update the Status of the assessment from the Assessment Builder.

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