Creating a Risk Library

6clicks allows you to create your own Risk Libraries to be used in the 6clicks Risk Review for Teams mobile app.

Risk Libraries are created in the 6clicks web app, which you can access at

When you sign up for 6clicks using the mobile app, you also create an instance of the 6clicks web app, which uses the same team name and user login details that you used for the mobile app.

To login into the web app:

  1. Head to the above URL
  2. Change the team name you signed up with in the mobile app
  3. Then enter in your user login details (email and password)

Once you have logged into the web app version of 6clicks, click on Risks, then select Libraries.

Now create your custom Risk Library by clicking New Risk Library.

Once you have clicked New Risk Library the Create Risk Library modal will appear with the following fields:

  • Name of risk library (mandatory)
  • Description of risk library (non-mandatory)
  •  Image for risk library (non-mandatory but recommended)

Click Create Risk Library to create your new risk library.

Once the risk library has been created it will appear in the risk library list.

The next step is to add risks to your new risk library. To do this, you can either click New Risk, which allows you to create individual risks, or you can bulk import risks by clicking Import Risks.

New Risk

Clicking on the New Risk button will display the Create Abstract Risk modal. Abstract Risks are defined as risks that are part of a risk library which will be used in the mobile app for risk identification. The Abstract Risk modal has the following fields:

  1. Name of risk (mandatory)
  2. Description of risk (mandatory)
  3. Risk Category (mandatory): categories are predefined and controlled by 6clicks
  4. Risk Library (mandatory): choose the risk library you just created
  5. Common Cause (mandatory): here you will enter in the common causes of your risk. Note that each new line in the textbox will create a new dot point which will display in the mobile app as per the image below:
  6. Common Impact (mandatory): here you will enter the common impacts of your risk. Note that each new line in the textbox will create a new dot point which will display in the mobile app as per the image below:

To create the risk, click Create Risk.

Once you have created the risk, it will appear as a card.

Import Risks

To bulk import risks click Import Risks and the Import Risk modal will appear. You will need to upload the correct Excel template with the following headings:

Name Description CommonCause PotentialImpact Category RiskLibrary

Add your risks as per the image below:

Some things to note:

  • Common Cause and Potential Impact: a new line in the cell will create a new dot point in the mobile UI
  • Category must align to a Risk Category that exists in the mobile app
  • Risk Library should be the name of the risk library you created

You can see that the risk named ‘Bulk Import Risk 1’ will appear in the mobile as per the image below:

Once you have successfully uploaded the Excel template, click Import. The risks will appear as cards once they are successfully imported.

Adding already created risks to your risk library

You can also add risks from other risk libraries to your new risk library. To do this navigate to the risk library that contains the risk(s) you want to import and then click the Select toggle. You can see in the below example I have selected 3 risks. Then to import the risks, click Add Risks To Library on the top right of the screen and theAdd Risk to Library modal will appear.

The Add Risk to Library modal will show a dropdown from which you can select the risk library you want to add the selected risks to. Click Add Risk to add the risks to the risk library.

Navigate back to your newly created risk library you will see the risk have been added.

You can also view and edit the risk by clicking on the View More button. Note you cannot edit risks that have been created by 6clicks.

Now that you have added your risks, the next step is to Publish your risk library, so it is available in the mobile. To do this, turn the toggle next to the name of your risk library ON. This will change the status of your risk library to Published.

Your risk library is now available in the mobile app. All your connected clients will be able to see and use the Risk Library.

You can turn the Risk Library off in the web app, so it will not appear in the mobile app by clicking the toggle next to the risk library to the off (left) position, which Archives the risk library.

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