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Third-Parties/Vendors Overview

Learn how to manage and link third-party organisations to your 6clicks platform

Your Third-Parties

The third parties dashboard houses an overview of all the Third-Parties added to your 6clicks team. You can export a list of all your third-parties and relevant information in excel format, add new organisations in bulk and step into their details.

A Key feature of Third-Parties is the ability to send assessments to be completed allowing you to view and generate key reports. To learn how to send assessments, head here.

Creating a Third Party

You can also add individual organisations via the New Third-PartyModal.

This will open the New Third-Party modal, enter in the organisation name and an initial product name.

On completing this modal you will see the newly created organisation in your Third-Party dashboard.

Third-Party Management

Step into the organisation by selecting the name on the third-party main page. This will bring up the Third-Party Management tab.

You can view quick details about different products here.


You can create additional or edit existing products in the overview tab. 

Select New Product will show the following modal:

Completing this form will then allow you to change between the different products for the organisation.

Edit a Product

By selecting Edit Product, the product settings side panel will appear.

This has all the details of the product that you can then further edit as required.


The documents tab allows users to upload and store relevant documentation relating to the third-party.  

Once a document has been uploaded, fellow team members on the 6clicks app will be able to access and download the documents.